Sales and Operations Planning


The situation

A client in the textile manufacturing industry needed to improve their sales and operations planning ('S&OP') processes to optimise plant, resources and customer service.


DBA implemented a system to significantly reduce WIP inventory, increase production and revenue to address our client's main challenges:

  • Effectively plan and manage customer requirements

  • Avoid continual disruptions by unscheduled orders and sample requirements due to ineffective production 

  • Lack of sales forecasts directly impacting raw materials planning

  • Silo structures and poor integration and accountability for plan attainment

The DBA involvement


Our key activities included:​​

  • Joint approach to design integrated S&OP processes

  • Introduction of sales forecasts

  • Weekly production plans fixed with the incorporation of sampling orders

  • Implementation of raw material inventory system (Net stock)

  • Effective KPI reporting

Key outcomes

  • Plan attainment averaged over 98% in busiest time of year

  • Plant efficiencies increased by 12% when compared to the same period in the previous year

  • Raw material inventory was reduced from R31M to R24M in a 4-month period