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Operational Performance Management


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The situation

A client in the mining operations industry needed specialised assistance to realign their internal planning systems.  The mine and plant had extensive planning, but those plans were rarely accurately executed, and when they were, the reporting thereof did not represent actual performance.  This caused major variations in tonnage.  To resolve these issues, DBA created a new and optimised design to facilitate better execution of plans. 

The DBA involvement

Our key activities included:​​

  • Installing a new management operating system to establish the operating rhythms and routines, underpinning agendas, action logs and performance KPIs to enhance the level of discussion and feedback at all levels of the mine.  This mapped all the management elements along the business cycle from planning to reporting.

  • Client-advisor teams were put in place to map the As-Is scenario with an extensive, wider client team to assist with design and critiques

Key outcomes

  • Strong engagement, buy-in and understanding from wide client team - 200 individual interactions

  • 258 As-Is critiques were generated and diagnosed to 11 primary root-cause problems

  • Creation of a wall-high to-be design chart, including a 150-page document with all key elements

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