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Operational Readiness


The situation

A large South African metal smelter with difficulties around capital spend, late projects and increased cost pressure approached DBA to help them with a full redesign and implementation of a new end-to-end capital project process

The DBA involvement


DBA performed an analysis of the current process, and:

  • The current Management Operating System was mapped and gaps identified

  • A new Management Operating System was designed that focused on ensuring an optimal projects portfolio with maximum project execution effectiveness

  • The new system was rolled out over 7 months with all project managers and line managers trained and coached

Key Outcomes

  • New process allowed the focusing of project resources with the number of projects decreasing to a more manageable size with higher values (186 projects down to 134)

  • Total value of the projects reduced by 10%

  • Increase from 4% to 60% in the number of projects ready for execution on the 1st day of the new fiscal year (to reduce the rush at the end of the year)

  • Increased focus on demand management (project planning) allowed for a reduction in projects that were out of budget, late or out of spec

CASE STUDY - Operational Readiness l Min
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