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Growth Strategy


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The situation

A packaging major in South Africa was looking to grow revenue and market share, despite a negative economic outlook and stagnating sector growth over the past 2 financial years.  The client approached DBA to assist them to develop a detailed strategy with implementation plans to help focus marketing efforts, ensure sufficient manufacturing capacity and identify potential acquisition targets.

The DBA involvement


We conducted a detailed analysis of the packaging sector in South Africa, provided sales and marketing teams with deep insights into target markets, client buying behaviours and competitors.  Key activities included:

  • Identifying areas of opportunities for organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, operational improvements and required capabilities

  • Conducting extensive customer interviews

  • Including all management levels to ensure a viable and agreed strategy

  • Setting up a strategy activation office

Key outcomes

  • Detailed diagnostic to understand factors preventing growth 

  • Strategy for creating competitive advantage 

  • Market sizing and identified opportunities for revenue growth

  • Sizing of operational capacity and capability gaps

  • Strategy activation office to monitor implementation and drive objectives

As-Is Case

Market Sizing

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Strategic Pillars

Transformation Plan

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