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Operational Readiness and Management Operating System Installation

Underground Mining 

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Client situation

A multinational mining major requested DBA to assist with operational readiness for a new mining section, including installation of a new Management Operating System ('MOS') to embed standardised processes and operating procedures. 

Key success indicators for the engagement included:

  • Delivery of the implementation planning for operational readiness and safe and predictable transition to operations

  • Design and implementation of a clear resource and equipment ramp-down plan to achieve budget cost and production KPIs

  • Installation of a MOS to establish the required rhythms, routines, reports and KPIs for a safe, high performance operation 

The DBA involvement

We conducted a six-month engagement at the mine.  Key activities included:​​

  • Installing a new MOS to establish the operating rhythms and routines, underpinning agendas, action logs and performance KPIs to enhance the level of discussion and feedback at all levels of the mine

  • This was further supported by a Results & Performance Meetings Framework which allowed for clear rolldown of business requirements and concise, agreed performance measures from supervisory level through to management and regional feedback

  • Topical constraints, fed from the newly installed systems, led to troubleshooting, process redesign, infrastructural development, equipment deployment and behavioural changes to enhanced levels of output

Key outcomes

  • Achieved 54% improvement in faces blasted, 40% in load & haul, 24% in underground plants, achieving mine call for financial year-end in 6 months

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