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We're excited to announce the launch of - an analytics, optimisation and decision support platform for asset-intensive businesses - beginning with our clients in Mining.

Some of you many be familiar with DBA's Dynamic Constraints Modelling ('DCM') application. We've been using the DCM as an analysis tool for value chains for the last few years at a number of sites. The concepts behind the DCM started with simple MS-Excel based value driver models and development has progressed over the last few years to a completely new, powerful, visual, drag-and-drop based modelling and analysis application

So powerful in fact, that our clients are asking to use it, even after our improvement projects are over. So we have decided to launch ManagedAnalytics as a cloud-based optimisation platform we can offer to our clients to use both as a licensed platform, and as a part of DBA's consulting service offering.

The website is now active, so head on over to find out more.


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